Ms Students

Amir Aminitabar
Msc, Bioelectric Engineering, EE Dept, IUST

My field of interest includes Neural Signal Processing and Brain-Computer Interface. Additionally, he is interested in EEG Signal Analysis in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroengineering. He has expertise in Rat Surgery and LFP Signal Processing.

Saeed Sangsefidi
Msc, Bioelectric Engineering, EE Dept, IUST

My field is Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning. I am investigating non-human primates to analyze the Spike-LFP of Neurons and Neural Coding. I am interested in Biological Signal Processing (EEG, fNIRS, ECoG,…) and its application in BCI.

Hamidreza Abdoljabbari
Msc, Neuro-Cognitive Engineering, EE Dept, IUST

My main research interests include Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience and Neural Signal Processing. I’m working on a project related to Action Potential Parameters and Spiking Behavior to Classify the Neurons by Waveform Shape.