2018 Journal Papers

Attention decouples action potentials from the phase of local field potentials in macaque visual cortical area MT

M Esghaei, MR Daliri, S Treue

BMC biology 16 (1), 86

Computer Aided Diagnosis System for Multiple Sclerosis Disease based on Phase to Amplitude Coupling in Covert Visual AttentionA Ahmadi, S Davoudi, MR Daliri

Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine

Investigation of eye movement pattern parameters of individuals with different fluid intelligenceBA Sargezeh, A Ayatollahi, MR Daliri

Experimental brain research, 1-14

Neural Monitoring With CMOS Image SensorsA Yadegari, MA Karami, MR Daliri

Basic and Clinical Neuroscience 9 (3), 227-235

The beneficial or harmful effects of computer game stress on cognitive functions of playersH Aliyari, H Sahraei, MR Daliri, B Minaei-Bidgoli, M Kazemi, H Agaei, …

Basic and clinical neuroscience 9 (3), 177  

Decoding the different states of visual attention using functional and effective connectivity features in fMRI dataB Parhizi, MR Daliri, M Behroozi

Cognitive neurodynamics 12 (2), 157-170

Segmentation of brain MR images using a proper combination of DCS based method with MRFA Ahmadvand, MR Daliri, SM Zahiri

Multimedia Tools and Applications 77 (7), 8001-8018

Altered topological properties of brain networks in the early MS patients revealed by cognitive task-related fMRI and graph theorySNM Ashtiani, MR Daliri, H Behnam, GA Hossein-Zadeh, M Mehrpour, …

Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 40, 385-395

Working Memory Enhances Cortical Representations via Spatially Specific Coordination of Spike TimesZ Bahmani, MR Daliri, Y Merrikhi, K Clark, B Noudoost

Neuron 97 (4), 967-979. e6

Neural Activity Predicts Reaction in Primates Long Before a Behavioral ResponseMP Dezfouli, MB Khamechian, S Treue, M Esghaei, MR Daliri

Frontiers in behavioral neuroscience 12

Introducing a comprehensive framework to measure Spike-LFP couplingM Zarei, M Jahed, MR Daliri

Frontiers in computational neuroscience 12

Neural Activities Predict Primate’s Reaction Time Long Before its DecisionM Parto Dezfouli, MB Khamechian, S Treue, M Esghaei, MR Daliri

Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 12, 207

Brain Control of an External Device by Extracting the Highest Force-Related Contents of Local Field Potentials in Freely Moving RatsA Khorasani, R Foodeh, V Shalchyan, MR Daliri

IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 26 (1), 18-25

2017 Journal Papers

Local field potentials are induced by visually evoked spiking activity in macaque cortical area MTM Esghaei, MR Daliri, S Treue

Scientific reports 7 (1), 17110    

Diagnosis of multiple sclerosis from EEG signals using nonlinear methodsA Torabi, MR Daliri, SH Sabzposhan

Australasian physical & engineering sciences in medicine 40 (4), 785-797

DCS-SVM: a novel semi-automated method for human brain MR image segmentationA Ahmadvand, MR Daliri, M Hajiali

Biomedical Engineering/Biomedizinische Technik 62 (6), 581-590

Semantic category-based classification using nonlinear features and wavelet coefficients of brain signalsA Torabi, FZ Jahromy, MR Daliri

Cognitive Computation 9 (5), 702-711  

Analysis of folk music preference of people from different ethnic groups using kernel-based methods on EEG signalsA Bajoulvand, RZ Marandi, MR Daliri, SH Sabzpoushan

Applied Mathematics and Computation 307, 62-70

Semantic category-based decoding of human brain activity using a Gabor-based model by estimating intracranial field potential range in temporal cortexF Zareayan Jahromy, MR Daliri

Journal of Integrative Neuroscience 16 (4), 419-428

Minimum noise estimate filter: A novel automated artifacts removal method for field potentialsR Foodeh, A Khorasani, V Shalchyan, MR Daliri

IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering 25 (8 …

Automatic lung nodule detection based on statistical region merging and support vector machinesEA Khordehchi, A Ayatollahi, MR Daliri

Image Analysis & Stereology 36 (2), 65-78

A new method for epileptic seizure classification in EEG using adapted wavelet packetsA Ahmadi, V Shalchyan, MR Daliri

Electric Electronics, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineerings’ Meeting …

2016 Journal Papers

Continuous force decoding from local field potentials of the primary motor cortex in freely moving ratsA Khorasani, NH Beni, V Shalchyan, MR Daliri

Scientific reports 6, 35238

Underwater cable detection in the images using edge classification based on texture informationM Fatan, MR Daliri, AM Shahri

Measurement 91, 309-317v

Introduction to the 6th special section on Advances in Biomedical Signal and Image Processing, and BiometricsMR Daliri, S Sanei

Computers and Electrical Engineering 53 (C), 122-124

Attention enhances stimulus representations in macaque visual cortex without affecting their signal-to-noise levelMR Daliri, V Kozyrev, S Treue

Scientific reports 6, 27666

Recognition of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease using factorial hidden Markov modelA Khorasani, MR Daliri, M Pooyan

Biomedical Engineering/Biomedizinische Technik 61 (1), 119-126

Accurate Determination of GPS Receiver with Different Classification MethodsAA Abedi, MR Mosavi, K Mohammadi, MR Daliri

Iranian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 12 (3), 177-186

A Review on Texture Analysis Methods in Biomedical Image ProcessingA Ahmadvand, MR Daliri

OMICS Journal of Radiology 5 (2), e136

Decoding of object categories from brain signals using cross frequency coupling methodsS Jafakesh, F Zareayan Jahromy, MR Daliri

Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 27, 60-67

Invariant texture classification using a spatial filter bank in multi-resolution analysisA Ahmadvand, MR Daliri

Image and Vision Computing 45, 1-10

EEG phase patterns reflect the representation of semantic categories of objectsM Behroozi, MR Daliri, B Shekarchi

Medical & biological engineering & computing 54 (1), 205-221

2015 Journal Papers

Attention decreases phase-amplitude coupling, enhancing stimulus discriminability in cortical area MTM Esghaei, MR Daliri, S Treue

Frontiers in neural circuits 9, 82

Introduction to the special issue on Advances in biomedical signal and image processing, and biometricsMR Daliri, Z Jin

Computers and Electrical Engineering 45 (C), 208-210

The effects of fifa 2015 computer games on changes in cognitive, Hormonal and brain waves functions of young men volunteersH Aliyari, M Kazemi, E Tekieh, M Salehi, H Sahraei, MR Daliri, H Agaei, …

Basic and clinical neuroscience 6 (3), 193

Supervised segmentation of MRI brain images using combination of multiple classifiersA Ahmadvand, M Sharififar, MR Daliri

Australasian physical & engineering sciences in medicine 38 (2), 241-253

RDLPFC area of the brain encodes sentence polarity: a study using fMRIM Behroozi, MR Daliri

Brain imaging and behavior 9 (2), 178-189

Improving the runtime of MRF based method for MRI brain segmentationA Ahmadvand, MR Daliri

Applied Mathematics and Computation 256, 808-818

Evaluation of local field potential signals in decoding of visual attentionZ Seif, MR Daliri

Cognitive Neurodynamics

The Effect of Adaptation on the Tuning Curves of Rat Auditory CortexM Parto Dezfuli, MR Daliri

Plos one 10 (2), e0115621

Combining extreme learning machines using support vector machines for breast tissue classificationMR Daliri

Computer methods in biomechanics and biomedical engineering 18 (2), 185-191

Predicting the eye fixation locations in the gray scale images in the visual scenes with different semantic contentsHZ Momtaz, MR Daliri

Cognitive Neurodynamics, 1-17

Differences of eye movement pattern in natural and man-made scenes and image categorization with the help of these patternsHZ Momtaz, MR Daliri

Journal of Integrative Neuroscience, 1650002

2014 Journal Papers

HMM for classification of Parkinson’s disease based on the raw gait dataA Khorasani, MR Daliri

Journal of medical systems 38 (12), 147

Predicting brain states associated with object categories from fMRI dataM Behroozi, MR Daliri

Journal of integrative neuroscience 13 (04), 645-667

PSO-based optimal selection of Zernike moments for target discrimination in high-resolution SAR imageryM Amoon, G Rezai-rad, MR Daliri

Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 42 (3), 483-493

Decoding of visual attention from LFP signals of macaque MTM Esghaei, MR Daliri

Plos One 9 (6), e100381

A hybrid method for the decoding of spatial attention using the MEG brain signalsMR Daliri

Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 10, 308-312

Brain MR image segmentation methods and applicationsA Ahmadvand, M Daliri

OMICS J Radiol 3, e130

Evaluation of Phase Locking and Cross Correlation Methods for Estimating the Time Lag between Brain Sites: A Simulation ApproachMJ Soltanzadeh, MR Daliri

Basic and clinical neuroscience 5 (3), 205